My Recipe For Happiness

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The above links are for my (Nadine L. Meade's) art web site. The pages shown below belong to the first web site I built and are included here for your amusement.

blue butterfly, animated

My Recipe for HAPPINESS

blue butterfly, animated
  1. Marry Someone Great!
  2. Have A Happy Home!
  3. Plan For A Great Future!
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Attitude effects your happiness more than material things can.

a disposition or tendency to look on the more favorable side of happenings and to anticipate the most favorable result.
a person who holds the belief or the doctrine of optimism.


the tendency to see or anticipate only what is disadvantageous or futile in current or future conditions or actions, often when it is reasonably possible to see or anticipate advantages or gains.
a person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst, or is disposed to be gloomy.


A good relationship is worth fighting for,
but if your constantly having to fight for it,
it might not be a good relationship.

Photo of Nadine riding a horse.

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