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Nadine L. Meade's

"Stress Relief 2," acrylic painting

Acrylic painting titled "Stress Relief"

Acrylic Painting
"Stress Relief 2"© 2006 by Nadine L. Meade, 24" x 36",$1,000

Close up of golf club and football
Close up of golf club and football.

Acrylic painting combining the interest of golf and OU football. This painting is designed to be hung without a frame. It is painted around the edge of the canvas to resemble wood boards. It has a 3 dimensional look, with the "box" holding the golf club, upon which the football memorabilia is sitting, giving the impression of sticking out from the wall and shifting as you walk past. Try watching the ends of the box and leaning left and right to get some idea of what I'm referring to. Realize that the details and depth that a photo can show aren't near the quality of the original painting so the effect is reduced.

The yellow note paper says, "Do that later, play golf now!"

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