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Nadine L. Meade's

paintings with reference photos

Photo reference for 249 "Larry Marker's Spurs""248 Larry Marker's Spurs", acrylic painting of a western still life.
acrylic painting
"249 Larry Marker's Spurs" © 2005 by Nadine L. Meade, 16" x 20",
Congratulations Larry and Sam Marker!

Reference photo for Mike and Austin on JA MareMike and Austin on JA Mare
Acrylic painting
"Mike and Austin on JA Mare".


reference photo of a chihuahuawatercolor painting Chico
watercolor painting
A dog named "Chico".


Painting Categories

Animal Portraits  
Western Scenes  
Peruvian Art pertaining to the Peruvian  Paso  Horse  
Still Lifes
Paintings with reference photos

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